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Mortalis – Book cover – Oils on Masonite – 18” x 30”

This was the first cover I did for an R.A.Salvatore novel. It was nice. Bob and I have been friends for a long time and wanted to work together on a project, but never had the chance before this book.

Obviously this is not a cheery piece. In fact, some might even call it a bit on the bleak side. There’s a danger when you put bleak art on a cover; it can be depressing and turn people off. On the other hand, if it’s done correctly it can be very powerful. To do it right, there needs to be a ray of hope shining through the gloom. In this piece, I chose to put that hope in the female character’s face. She’s sad for the situation, but not defeated. She shows compassion for the wounded spirit of the man, but at the same time is strong and shows the will to fight and overcome. For me, that’s the best of it and what heroic fiction is all about.

  • Keith Parkinson (Kingsgate 2004)


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