THE FLYING CITADEL – Glossy Photo Print


THE FLYING CITADEL – photo print

[Size: 20″ x 20″ – UNFRAMED]

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[Size: 20″ x 20″ – UNFRAMED]


Calendar Plate (Oils on Illustration board)

Keith’s thoughts on this piece: “This was one of the first paintings I did for the Dragonlance project.  In essence, it’s the fantasy equivalent of the Star Wars “Death Star”.  I wanted to paint something that looked unstoppable, massive and ominous.  I used the dragons “orbiting” it to first show scale, (a-hah, a-hah…) and also to drive home the point that as tough as dragons are, they are merely creatures that go where this monstrosity takes them.  To further the sense of impending doom and to reinforce the sense of size, I added the riders in the foreground.   I also decided to hide an “Easter Egg” on one of the platforms.  If you look closely, it could be possible, just maybe, that you could see Dr. Who, K9, and the Tardis up there.  Now then, you didn’t hear that from me.”

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