Ruins of Kunark (16″ x 37″ Giclee)


Ruins of Kunark – Giclee [Size: 16″ x 37″ – UNFRAMED]

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[Size: 16″ x 37″ – UNFRAMED]

The Ruins of Kunark was EverQuest’s first expansion, and it famously introduced the continent of Kunark and the Iksar as a playable race. The expansion also raised the level cap from 50 to 60 and introduced an Epic Quest for each class.

Kunark itself was known for it’s truly massive open world zones, clever dungeons, and the multitude of ruins littered about the continent, nestled between dense jungles, lakes, and high mountains. Even now, remnant tribes of the regions many fallen empires continue to battle each other and the soon-to-be-arriving Norrathian adventurers, including the Iksar, Goblins, Sarnak, and Dragons.


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