Lord Soth’s Charge (18″ x 36″ Giclee)


[Size: 18″ x 36″ – UNFRAMED]

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Originally a calendar plate, it illustrates Keith’s love for the “Bad Guys”.

[Size: 18″ x 36″ – UNFRAMED]

Keith’s thoughts on this piece:  “There is something romantic, something cool, something we all love about “the bad guys”.  Lord Soth is a bad guy!  I wanted to illustrate him and his band of merry men from the first moment I read about them.  I also wanted to do it in such a way that maximized visual impact.  This is not a scene that I invite the viewer into.  In this case, I wanted the horsemen to come right out of the frame and demand attention.  I’ve always thought that undead should be somewhat jerky and awkward at first glance too, so I was careful to put them in poses that brought that type of movement to mind.

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