Greeting the Dawn Prelim Concept Sketch


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Original pencil Sketch for the piece titled:  Greeting the Dawn

This was a book cover for a novel with a different name:

Isle of Destiny by Kenneth C. Flint (Author)

Note:  This sketch is on very thin tracing paper and is torn almost in half.  Please reach out with any questions BEFORE purchasing this piece.

From Keith’s note in Knightsbridge:

In the initial version of this painting, the castle was not sitting on the hill but loomed large behind the retreating characters. The editor wanted to show the uphill struggle the characters would face in the novel so, symbolically, putting their goal on the top of a hill would get this point across to the view.  That was the thinking, anyway.

(You will notice that this sketch would have been for the initial version of the painting – not the final version).

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