Dark Sword Miniatures DSM 2501 Set #1 “Dragons – Parkinson”


Dark Sword Miniatures DSM 2501 Set #1

“Dragons – Parkinson”

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Taking Miniatures to the next level

This boxed set contains one finely detailed 28mm pewter Dragon with Rider based on the artwork of Keith Parkinson.  The boxes are sealed (have never been opened).

Set produced by Dark Sword Miniatures (Note:  These are “In Memoriam” sets).  Note on front box cover:

In Memoriam

Keith Arlin Parkinson

Oct. 22, 1958 – Oct. 26, 2005

His work will be admired for generations. It is an honor to have worked with Keith as I have loved his artwork since the age of 14.

Raise up your mugs and toast one of the greats – Mr. Keith Parkinson.

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