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Allisa of the Mists #16/500

Clyde Caldwell Signed and Numbered Print

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Allisa of the Mists #162/500

Allisa of the Mists was a powerful human paladin and a “mistrider” or “mistwalker,”[2] active in the mid-to-late 14th century DR.

Allisa was a talented combatant and a devoted follower of her deity. While she used her strength to fight, she never hesitated to shield members of her church from harm. She was known for her gentle and caring personality that contrasted with her strong exterior.

Allisa was known to wear a full set of enchanted +2 plate armor as well as a magical +3 shield which bolstered her in combat. Additionally, she wielded a scimitar of speed and a helm of telepathy, giving her the advantage in any fight.

Allisa of the Mists gained her nickname for her uncanny ability to pass through any mist, along with her unicorn mount, into any of the Domains of Dread she chose.

At some point, Allisa’s trusted mount was a unicorn named Skuldreir. Later, the creature was replaced by another unicorn named Cissl who found the paladin on its own accord and the duo were inseparable ever since.

[Size: 17″ x 22″ UNFRAMED]  These prints are on heavy litho stock paper (not poster paper).

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