Original artwork by Keith Parkinson

NOTE:  Prices do not include shipping and box charges.  If purchasing directly from the “cart/online store”, I will have to email you with a final price based on your location and shipping method.  If you want a final price first, please email me directly before buying from the cart/store.

If you love a painting … feel free to make an offer via email @ parkinsonart@gmail.com

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  I cannot accept any returns on original artwork.  Please keep in mind that some of the paintings have been stored in a closet and/or garage and stacked on top of each other for many years (and some for decades) and some have minor damage (like paper sticking to the oils or from the paintings sticking together).  Most of the photos here are actual photos of the piece itself, so please look at it carefully before deciding to buy.  If you’d like additional photos of the actual piece (or any other information about it), please email me and I’m happy to accommodate.

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